The Inhumans trailer came and went and received quite a negative reaction. I for one had pretty negative first impressions of the trailer as well. Therefore I thought I’d give my impressions on the trailer and then I will do some background reading on what exactly the Inhumans are as to how it stacks up to the source material.

A compilation of both trailers

On a second and third viewing of the trailer I’ve gained some hope in how the series will turn out. Whilst I initially agreed with these following comments which did crack me up.


With the first comment still holding true across all my viewings. I originally didn’t pay too much attention to the plot being discussed during the video and focused solely on the bland looking studios where they begin and the effects of the dog seeming off due the textures on the dog and the lighting mismatch.

The Inhumans Dog-like being “Lockjaw” 

 I know Marvel can do good animal effects such as Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy (and the entire film) looking great though understandably on a Movie budget.

Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1

The Inhumans does supposedly have a large budget for a TV show though as it was originally supposed to be a Marvel Phase 3 film, hopefully the effects are touched up a bit before release. Whether or not Lockjaw is necessary to the plot enough to have to be included is unknown but if the character is just thrown in for comical effect and looks bad in the final release it may just take away from the experience. The plot discussed about going to Earth did peek my interest and sound like a good plot for the 8-part show.


I discovered a second similar trailer and updated the video at the top of the article. Settings outside of the moon base still look pretty good such as the rain forest with its weather effects, car crashes look good my issue on watching trailer 2 is still with Lockjaw (the dog thing) and now Medusa’s hair effects which just seem to look very strange.

I’ve now read the background to the Inhumans and can say that (without potentially spoiling the TV show) the Inhumans were created in the Kree-Skrull War, the Kree created the Inhumans by splicing DNA in the hopes of using them as super soldiers against the Skrull. The Kree then abandoned them for unknown reasons. Which leaves us with the beginning of the Inhumans TV Show. If you want more details you can read the source I used here. I believe there is hope for the Inhumans despite some backlash online and if the cast play off one another well and the plot actually has interesting things happen unlike Agents of Shield then the show could do quite well despite the visual and audio issues that can be seen in the trailers. Only time will tell, leave you opinion down below.

Preview by: Tom