Just over a year ago I released an Android game titled “Run Tapper” and it went through continuous development for over a year. Due to an awesome partnership between me and the other co-owner of the site I’m allowed to plug my old game and my upcoming one that released later today.

Run Tapper is a obstacle course game in which the player must teleport/avoid hazards on the way to the goal. The aim is to do this as fast as possible. Due to the ability to update android games the game now has a huge amount of content featuring a random generation mode (with a lot of variation), pre-made levels, leader boards for time trials and points, achievements, a level creator and more!

Hopefully this all sounds interesting to you, whilst the game does have ads its only a startup ad as I felt this was best in comparison to games that give you ads after so many deaths or just spam you with ads. You can try out the game by clicking this Play the game or by searching “Run Tapper” in Google Play. Please leave a review and comment to give feedback.