Rick and Morty are back! Season 3 starts off strong with this brand new instalment, if you kept to Rick and Morty news on April 1st this year you may have seen this episode early as Adult Swim was constantly streaming the episode online. Now that the season has officially started I decided it was time to review the episodes.


We start our first season 3 episode off with “The Rickshank Rickdemption” which goes to explain what’s happened to the Rick and Morty universe now that Earth has the Galactic Federation on it and that Rick had been captured by the Galactic Federation itself. Earth has become a strange place with everyone being fed pills for all their supplements rather than actual food. Beth is coming to terms with her father leaving once again, Morty has given up and believes Rick has just left, Jerry is well… Jerry and Summer wants to go save Rick. Jerry’s arc in the episode was very interesting and quite funny with Jerry progressing in his career for a job for which he doesn’t know what he even does.


Meanwhile as Rick is captive he is having his brain probed with a galactic federation agent inside his brain sifting through his memories trying to find out how Rick created his portal gun. Rick discovers that he can fabricate fake memories and manages to outsmart the system to escape. This is done through constant body hopping as Rick’s original body gets destroyed. Summer and Morty manage to get to the galactic federation prison by hopping from place to place with a portal gun they got from a previous Rick’s grave, they find themselves with other Rick’s who are also attempted to get to the galactic federation prison although they want the Rick we know dead. This leads to a very funny hostage situation which I’m not going to spoil if you haven’t seen it.


The episode basically undoes everything in Season 2 in one episode though despite this its a hilarious watch almost all the way through, with stellar performances from all members of the cast.

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Film, Movie or TV Show Rating – online media reviews

Reviewed By: Tom