Archer Season 8 (DreamLand) Review | TV Show – online media reviews

Archer season 8 follows on from the previous season in which Archer had been shot by Veronica Deane. As we discover Archer has been hospitalised due to the shots and is in a coma. This creates the setting of dreamland in which Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) is a  an investigator and is set in 1947.

Whilst Archer was in a coma his personal valet Woodhouse has passed way and is yet to awaken to the news. However in DreamLand Woodhouse has been murdered and it’s up to Archer to find out who killed Woodhouse. Every character that exists both in the real world and dreamland have their roles changed, for example Cyril and Pam being detectives Figgis and Poovey and Mother being a crime boss.


As a huge Archer fan this sounds very promising, the artistic direction for the 1947 setting looks great and similar to previous Archer seasons includes a new intro. However whilst changing up the premise of Archer had been great in the past such as being a spy agency, drug dealers, and more. This particular change of role seems to fall short compared to its previous seasons.

Whilst Archer is known for being a funny cartoon with adult jokes and a progressive narrative (unlike a lot of animations in which every episode resets the show) this season is particularly plot heavy and light on humour. My main issue with this season of Archer is that none of this whole season matters, its heavy on plot yet its entirely part of Archer’s coma. Taking place in Archer’s coma could have allowed for many interesting things to occur. Whilst there are a few note-able funny moments in the season it struggled to keep my full attention and I felt like I was just watching it to be caught up for a potential season 9. There are a few interesting character side plots such as Dr Kriegers in the war, and the Pam/Poovey subplot.


Barry’s character also didn’t carry the same weight that it does in previous season, whilst it being initially funny that Barry ended up in the exact same situation as in the real world. The Barry robot fights had become tiresome to watch after seeing so many previously, even just a new design for Barry’s robot character could have mixed things up a bit.

For a season focused on Woodhouse’s character it heavily derailed from the topic, focusing mainly on ransom money. As a verdict without spoiling the season, Archer Season 8 did not capture the same feel as it has done previously. The season as a whole felt disappointing and with fewer episodes than a normal season the quality didn’t seem to be improved either. Hopefully the Archer we know and love will be back in the ninth instalment.

3 star

Reviewed By: Tom